Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Download 2 files that enable you to make computer controlled die cutter punchcards 

by Courtesy of Rumpledsilkskeins from Ravelry

She has made two Inkscape svg files for three different styles of punchcards! The JAC40 for 4.5mm machines and a single file for either/both Passap Deco/Jac. 

Please read what Rumpledsilkskeins explains about this offer:

"Die cutting machines, like the Cricut Expressions or the Silhouette Cameo 2(like mine), can sketch like a plotter or use a minute knife in the place of the pen to cut along design lines. Therefore, they can make extremely intricate cutouts. So a punchcard is not a challenge to cut IF you have the intricate graphics file of the punchcard you want to cutout. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic which a different type of graphic from a jpg (or a raster type graphic). Raster graphics distort if you zoom them bigger. SVG files do not distort, meaning that the edges stay very sharp and clear, if scaled to a different size. sharp edges are necessary for cutting a line. SVG files are used by the different die cutter machines’ software. Inkscape is the FREE programme used to make the svg files. and is probably the easiest way to edit the file into different patterns that can then be cut on the machines. The different types of punchcards have different spacing of holes, of course, but getting that spacing right WAS the challenge in designing the svg files."

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